Business Marketing

Google Glass : What Went Wrong?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become some of the most hip words in today’s times. The sheer amount of innovations happening in this field are mind blowing. Google was the biggest trendsetter in this domain with Google Glass. However, they failed. Read on to find out exactly why!

Career Choices

The Other Side of Journalism

Journalism doesn’t always revolve around politics and economics. you could be a lifestyle and entertainment reporter, a data journalist, science and technology reporter, sports and health editor, civil or criminal reporter, and more! So read on to find out just exactly what it takes…

Business Medical

Why We Need a Global Vaccine Initiative

Several countries including U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Netherlands, and Japan have entered into arrangements to secure supply for COVID-19 vaccines with over a billion vaccine doses already locked in. Yet, in order to fully eradicate it, we will need supplies in other countries too. So what is the solution? Read on to find out


Education – Have We Been Doing It Right?

With the onset of a new education policy in India by the Education Ministry, one can’t help but remember back those days of schooling, exams and results. Yet, are all those good old days really that blissful? Or have we just not asked the right questions so far?


Understanding the 2008 Financial Crisis

Ever wondered if there was an easy way to understand how the world’s most powerful economy crashed in 2008? Read on to find out!