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How Relevant Are Mahatma Gandhi’s Principles Today?

‘Be the change you want to see in others.’ With these words, one man changed the destiny of an entire country. Now, 7 decades down the line, do his principles still hold value?

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Why Gender Based Reservation Is Needed

This article shall not discuss if reservations are fair or not. Rather, we shall dwell into a deeper question- the root of the requirement of reservations. Specifically, reservation for women. Read on to know all about it!

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The Other Side of Journalism

Journalism doesn’t always revolve around politics and economics. you could be a lifestyle and entertainment reporter, a data journalist, science and technology reporter, sports and health editor, civil or criminal reporter, and more! So read on to find out just exactly what it takes…

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This 74th Independence Day, Are We Really Free?

This 74th Independence Day, let us ask ourselves a question, are we really free, in the truest sense of freedom, in its entirety, for even 74 seconds?

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Understanding the New Education Policy 2020

The Union Cabinet on July 29, 2020 approved the New Education Policy 2020 introducing various transformational reforms in the ways education was carried out in schools and colleges for the past 34 years. Here is our attempt to help you understand the policy better.