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Banking Challenges in Rural India

Farming households in rural areas earn about ₹1,07,172 on an annual basis, which is around 23% more than non-farming households. Yet, 47% of rural households report the occurrence of tremendous debt. Ever wondered why the agriculture sector is still underprivileged than the other sectors?


Youth Leadership In India

India is a country known for its diversity, spirited culture, extensive agriculture and youth population. But it is also known for its improper governance, youth unemployment, delay in service, and high level of population with pollution. Here’s where we might be lacking!

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‘COVID’ Batch: Powering Through the Pandemic

If you’re someone who started dreaming big for the final year placements, then you might be anxious about getting a job, how you should prepare for it, and whether you’ll like it or not. Take this time to know yourself, better…