The Road Ahead

As we get into Q42020, almost all businesses, except those in some sectors like Education, Travel and Hospitality have resumed operations similar to pre-CoVid level, there is debate on what the so called “New Normal” looks like.


Reverse Migration: An Opportunity to Develop the Rural Economy?

With the countries across the globe, forced to make a choice between safety and economy, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically increased the risk pertaining to the subsistence of many businesses, with many experiencing shocks in both supply and demand sides leading to increased unemployment and severe economic downfall…

Business Medical

Why We Need a Global Vaccine Initiative

Several countries including U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Netherlands, and Japan have entered into arrangements to secure supply for COVID-19 vaccines with over a billion vaccine doses already locked in. Yet, in order to fully eradicate it, we will need supplies in other countries too. So what is the solution? Read on to find out

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Way Ahead for the Transportation Sector, Post COVID-19

In the post-COVID-19 era, the times would be such that the businesses would need to know their customers more than ever before. And this implies to all industries across. Technology would play a huge role in the processes; however, the businesses would now need to sensitize themselves to the changing consumer requirements .

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What the Youth Needs Today

Now is the time to think about what we need to learn and unlearn to enable a future wherein we are able to handle such crises with even greater efficiency. And more than that, how we can focus on to evolve and innovate even in stressed circumstances, but with humility.


A Beginner’s Guide To Reading People

Have you ever been curious about what the inside of someone else’s mind might look like? Or been in a conversation and wondered how differently it would pan out if you could read their thoughts, even online?


Blue Ocean Strategy

The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition. In simpler words, blue ocean strategy helps us reduce the aspects of a potential competitor to enter your market segment.