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Aiming for Foreign Universities? Time to start is NOW!

A lot of us dream about completing our Masters from a well reputed Foreign university. While the current Corona situation has put temporary breaks on the aspirations, sway and motivation of getting into one of the top universities in the world still remains. So how do you prepare? Read on to find out!

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Understanding the New Education Policy 2020

The Union Cabinet on July 29, 2020 approved the New Education Policy 2020 introducing various transformational reforms in the ways education was carried out in schools and colleges for the past 34 years. Here is our attempt to help you understand the policy better.


Education – Have We Been Doing It Right?

With the onset of a new education policy in India by the Education Ministry, one can’t help but remember back those days of schooling, exams and results. Yet, are all those good old days really that blissful? Or have we just not asked the right questions so far?