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How To Escape The Multi-tasking Trap

The existential crisis that humanity is facing right now is forcing each one of us to ‘do more and be more’. So how do we deal with the mounting workload and the pressure to achieve more?


How GoBikes Is Changing Student Travel

As we head towards Unlocks and re-energise the consumer economy, visiting all those new spots is sure to become a norm again. But for social distancing, public transportation might just not be the answer. So, we bring a rather interesting alternative for you.

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How Startups Can Survive In The Current Pandemic

The same pandemic that disrupted the status quo of the world also managed to provide buffer time (popularly known as lockdown) to prepare for what lies ahead. While corporate giants may take a few years to settle out their robust demand and supply conundrum, the survival of MSMEs, start-ups, etc. operating at razor-thin margins, lean teams and resources remains an uphill battle.


How Threadless Disrupted the Fashion Industry

Threadless, a company based in Chicago, was founded in 2000. It has been functioning smoothly for twenty years now with millions of registered and contributing customers. But what makes it so special? Read on to find out!

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#MyRiseMoment – Avinash Thakur, IMT Ghaziabad

The Mahindra Group had flown us from different parts of the country to be a part of Mahindra Day and had arranged a meet with the senior leadership. But, how did we reach here?

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Why Gender Based Reservation Is Needed

This article shall not discuss if reservations are fair or not. Rather, we shall dwell into a deeper question- the root of the requirement of reservations. Specifically, reservation for women. Read on to know all about it!


Pandemic Leads to Increased Domestic Violence against Women

At home, while she might be well protected from COVID-19, do you think she can escape the greater evil behind those closed doors?

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The Road Ahead For Malaga CF

Malaga CF, a football club with over a hundred years of history is facing unprecedented financial woes. So how does a club that was the Champions League quarter-finalist in 2012/2013 now stands on the verge of perishing? Read on to find out


The Journey to Self-Acceptance

In this world, where we love to romanticize everything, how much do we actually idealize ourselves? Are we supposed to always live in the fear of being rejected one day, even if we are being accepted today?

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Google Glass : What Went Wrong?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become some of the most hip words in today’s times. The sheer amount of innovations happening in this field are mind blowing. Google was the biggest trendsetter in this domain with Google Glass. However, they failed. Read on to find out exactly why!