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Unwinding the Unacademy IPL Ad | Analysis

With the high acceptability of online education channels in the younger demographic, we feel Unacademy has done an excellent job keeping in line with the newly emerging education revolution.

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Leadership Talk with Hetal Sonpal

24 year old Hetal was jobless on Campus after Engineering. Though he had plans for further studies, it did hurt having no job and was sure he could find one. This is what got him to Bangalore and into the office of a job consultant. Little did he know that his life would change on meeting a random stranger.


Addressing Mental Health Issues- The Need of the Hour

The society we live in today, is hesitant to talk about our mental health or illness. We all celebrate 10th October as Mental Health Day but we do not want to talk about it openly. Do we value our mental health as much as we should? Let’s take a step forward today and try to first understand it.


With Ankur Jain, Founder, HostelFund

It takes courage to leave your job and venture into something. It is quite challenging to convince your family. Afterall, there are currently 38000 startups in India and merely less than 1% succeed.


The Road Ahead

As we get into Q42020, almost all businesses, except those in some sectors like Education, Travel and Hospitality have resumed operations similar to pre-CoVid level, there is debate on what the so called “New Normal” looks like.

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How Relevant Are Mahatma Gandhi’s Principles Today?

‘Be the change you want to see in others.’ With these words, one man changed the destiny of an entire country. Now, 7 decades down the line, do his principles still hold value?

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Banking Challenges in Rural India

Farming households in rural areas earn about ₹1,07,172 on an annual basis, which is around 23% more than non-farming households. Yet, 47% of rural households report the occurrence of tremendous debt. Ever wondered why the agriculture sector is still underprivileged than the other sectors?


The Power of Acceptance

The journey to recover and rediscover starts with one word “acceptance”. Understanding the meaning of this one word is the beginning of understanding the meaning of your own life. Read on to know more!


Youth Leadership In India

India is a country known for its diversity, spirited culture, extensive agriculture and youth population. But it is also known for its improper governance, youth unemployment, delay in service, and high level of population with pollution. Here’s where we might be lacking!

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How Design Thinking Can Change Your World

Everything is Design! If you look around, you can find numerous things that are magnificently crafted. From the bookshelf that holds all those books that stand close to your heart to the user interface of the device on which you are reading this article, design is omnipresent. Continue reading to know more!