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How Relevant Are Mahatma Gandhi’s Principles Today?

‘Be the change you want to see in others.’ With these words, one man changed the destiny of an entire country. Now, 7 decades down the line, do his principles still hold value?

Priya Kumari

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the entire ocean does not become dirty”

The world knows greatness in many forms. There are the great, who celebrated military victories. There are the great, who helped us understand the working of human minds. There are the great, whose inventions have transformed the way we live. And yet, different from all of these, Mahatma Gandhi stands in a category of his own. He too was an inventor but in a unique way.

2nd October 2020 is a great day for India as the country celebrates the 151st birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Not only India, but the whole world celebrates the felicitous day as an International Day for Non-violence to pay their respects and acceptance to the true sprit of Non-violence promoted by Gandhi ji.

The ideals that he preached still echo in people’s mind. But how far are these ideas of non-violence and truth, that won us our liberty, relevant in today’s day and age?

Mahatma Gandhi first spoke about Swaraj (self-rule). Meant to be free from foreign influence and external control. In today’s developing and competitive world, it is important that one has control over himself/herself. Every young person in India has the responsibility of searching for their own identity, without being forced to fit into the space created by someone else.

In the present time, there is a noticeable rise in people’s frustration. Learning to deal with issues calmly without adopting violent means is something that every young person must learn and implement.

Mahatma Gandhi always believed in the power of truth. He often spoke about three properties of truth- truth in thought, truth in speech, truth in action. In today’s world filled with lies, deceit and dishonesty, the values this great man taught us seem lost somehow. Yet, even a glimmer of light is enough to dispel all the darkness around and show the path forward to lost souls. The youth of this great nation and the world stands on the cusp of great change. It is the duty of all of us to ensure that we steer the world in the right direction and make sure that the very ethos that freed our country lives on.

The question to ask is not whether the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi are relevant or not. The real issue is whether we have the courage and strength of mind to follow in his footsteps, whether we are prepared to live our lives by what he preached and practiced.

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