The Power of Acceptance

The journey to recover and rediscover starts with one word “acceptance”. Understanding the meaning of this one word is the beginning of understanding the meaning of your own life. Read on to know more!

Aakriti Bansal

Management Student | Marketing Professional

You cannot change what you refuse to confront

Most of us have one thing in common, and that is, we don’t accept our lives the way they are. 

The journey to recover and rediscover starts with one word “acceptance”. Understanding the meaning of this one word is the beginning of understanding the meaning of your own life. Accepting your life, your desires, your strengths, your weakness, your duties, and yourself as you are, is the beginning of confronting the factors that you CAN control in your life. It is about being true and honest to oneself. 

What is life without acceptance? Mere frustration. This denial not only leads us towards dissatisfaction but also towards disappointment with our own selves. Due to a lack of knowledge about our own self, we set unrealistic expectations and targets that makes it extremely difficult to achieve them. After all, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would lead its entire life believing that it is stupid. 

This is the human nature which makes them desire what they don’t have and restricts their wisdom to worldly pleasures and pressures. Not only does this make us greedy to conquer everything but also makes us helpless. 

But are we not fortunate for the life we have got in the first place? And would we be truly grateful for what we achieve going forward? Fortunate enough to get this life, we forget to be grateful for it and whatever we have done till date. Bringing this gratefulness in your life, you learn how to value what you have got. People usually complain of having fewer possessions, but what we fail to understand is that what is less for us, might be a lot for some. What we have got, some might not even have that. 

There is a thin line between aspirations and desires. Aspirations give us the courage to work to achieve what we dream whereas desire makes us work towards achieving what others dream. 

Accepting our lives the way they are makes us self satisfied and self-reliant. Not only does it help us to lead a peaceful life but it also helps us to lead it in a positive manner. It helps us to leverage our strengths. With this outlook towards life, we tend to move forward and upward. We make our lives better. It not only helps us to confront all the challenges of life but gives us the courage to face them head-on. This paradigm shift helps us look at solutions rather than problems.

After accepting our lives, we accept all the possibilities that life can show us. We start thinking that now that life is like this, what all we can do to make it better. Because the one who is self-satisfied doesn’t need an external source to support or validate himself. We abandon parasitism and become capable of supporting and helping others. We become independent. 

It all starts in the mind. Merely accepting ourselves the way we are can bring about that change we are all looking for. It doesn’t matter how bad your situation is or what all you have. But what matters is how gracefully you take everything you have and make it large.

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