Pandemic Leads to Increased Domestic Violence against Women

At home, while she might be well protected from COVID-19, do you think she can escape the greater evil behind those closed doors?

Aakriti Bansal

Today, the coronavirus compels us to think very seriously towards where our society is headed. Do we, as humans, lack the most crucial part of our characters- humanity?

The issues around women have started to gain prominence again with violence against women on the rise ever since the nationwide lockdown was imposed on 23rd March 2020. Moreover, we are not only emphasizing the rise in violence against women in India but worldwide. Imagine the fear going on in a woman’s mind being trapped inside a house with her abuser and without any external aid. Here lies the dilemma for her. She can’t step out because its the pandemic. She stays inside and it’s even worse.

At home, while she might be well protected from COVID-19, do you think she can escape the greater evil behind those closed doors?

The graph below portrays the image of our so-called ‘progressive’ world. A world where everything must look glorifying on the outside (social media) but only those who fall prey to our deluded mentality can understand the suffocating reality that lies on the inside. 

The rise in domestic violence cases has been a massive 140%!

And we cannot emphasize this more than it already is. Whether it is domestic violence, cybercrime, bullying, rape attempts, or dowry deaths, whatever atrocities you can name are on the rise. The question we need to ask is why? Where are we failing as a community? As aware, educated citizens? What do we need to do for those unfortunate women who neither have anywhere to go nor have any source of communication with the outside world? Not even any means to file a complaint! 

As and when some trendy case comes along, we start discussing it, dreading it, even post pictures about it but then, as the news cycle passes, we just stop and forget all about it. Why? 

Clearly, there are a lot more things we can do, if we want to. The first step is to start by changing your own mindset. And then, probably, you will be able to change the mindset of people around you. Every human being, male or female, has the right to live with dignity, without fear.
Show your brave side. Your hero complex. Stop anyone you see committing such an act. Make noise. Let them know that such behavior is criminal and will NOT be tolerated. Start with your neighborhood, your friend circle, relatives, family. Offer aid and help to anyone you see suffering. It doesn’t need to be something big. Even something as small as moral support from you can give someone the courage to stand up for themselves. And will definitely save a woman from a lifetime of misery.

Extend a hand to anyone who needs it. Make a call for anyone you feel is in trouble. Just check on the people around you and try to identify the pain in their voices. Maybe, for once, go beyond conventional ways to help someone. You just might save a life! 

And for those women reading this, identify the red flags in every relationship you have whether be with your husband, in-laws, spouse, father, mother, children, and friends.

Stand up for even the smallest of instances that you feel attacks your self-worth, your dignity. It starts small but ends up devastating your soul. Stop it where it starts because you never know when it might become unbearable and toxic. And above all, do not hesitate to ask for help! Seek help and rise above. Because you too have the right to live in dignity. 

Here are a few numbers that we feel can help women in need: 

Women Helpline (All India)- Women in Distress1091
Women Helpline Domestic Abuse181
National Commission for Women (NCW)011-26942369, 26944754
The NCW WhatsApp Number72177135372
Azad Foundation40601878

Please extend these numbers to anyone you feel can benefit from them! Share the article to ensure it reaches maximum people!

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