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‘COVID’ Batch: Powering Through the Pandemic

If you’re someone who started dreaming big for the final year placements, then you might be anxious about getting a job, how you should prepare for it, and whether you’ll like it or not. Take this time to know yourself, better…

Are you prepared to land a job during uncertain times?

If you’re someone who started dreaming big for the final year placements, then you might be anxious about getting a job, how you should prepare for it, and whether you’ll like it or not. Moreover, these questions seem to have been amplified by the pandemic.

Campus placements are low compared to other years. Some have even put on a hiring freeze. A few have pulled the plug on offers. With social distancing and lockdowns in place across states, off-campus hiring is low and troublesome and might remain the same for months to come.

So how should you prepare for such a race during uncertain times, to differentiate from the rest?

Know Yourself

Sounds cliché? But it isn’t.

Take this time to know yourself, better. What’s your strength? What qualities give you an edge? What skill do you have that will ensure you get the job before others?

Focus on honing those skills and look nowhere else. There is no point in running in every direction. Recruiters do not want someone who has done 10 average things but someone who has portrayed his/her best skills in one direction towards excelling it. You just have to be the best version of yourself – that’s how you can be prepared to face anything suited to your skillset.

So here are some tips as to how you can become the best version of yourself.

Upskill, upskill – and upskill

Is writing your edge? Are you a content writer or is copywriting more your ‘thing’? Or are you going to stick to technical writing? If you have a knack for social media marketing, have you researched social media marketing tools? Have you started networking yet?

One needs to develop a lifelong learning approach. Now is the time to think about what we need to learn and unlearn to enable a future wherein we are able to handle such a crisis with even greater efficiency. And more than that, how we can focus on to evolve our skills and innovate even in stressed circumstances.

You may choose to take various channels to upskill that ‘one’ skillset that gives you the edge like through online courses through Coursera, edX, Udemy, etc., live projects, internships, freelance projects, start-ups, etc. However, it is equally important to pursue these things to add value to yourself and not for the sake of your CV.

Networking – are you sure you’re doing it?

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram – there are many social media sites in 2020. However, it is imperative to choose the platforms wisely. If you’re on the right platform like LinkedIn, it’s the best way to network for information and business.

Networking is nothing but forming good relations with the right people who aren’t necessarily your family or close friends.

It can help you build a strong network through whom you can get to know about various companies and opportunities. If you have some original thoughts and opinions about your field or around interesting relevant topics, you can start posting them as engaging content enabling people to start conversations with you. In a way, you need to start working towards building your ‘personal brand’.

Note: Remember to behave professionally and don’t keep marketing about your skills and products. That might put off potential HRs looking at your profile. While posting opinions, do remember to post facts and figures to avoid being preachy.

Focus on your ‘personal brand’

Your personal brand doesn’t just involve looking presentable but it is how you present yourself to a company’s recruiting team, even virtually. This may seem superficial for some but it is important. Do you want to be fluent in English? You can start speaking to your friends in English as a start. Many companies are reaching out to freshers on Zoom, Webex, or Google Meet first. Have you practiced speaking to people virtually? Are you sure your best qualities come out when you’re talking about yourself? Practise etiquette, wait for your turn, be patient, and stay in touch with possible future recruiters. Remember – when companies hire you, they are not just looking for people who can do the job well but also represent the company in the world.

The pandemic will be over and companies would need people like you to fill vacancies. Preparing for the day is the best way to utilize your time and assuring yourself that not all is lost. To know how to charm recruiters on a virtual screen – stay tuned for the next post!

Anisha Das

Instructional Designer | MA in Media & Communication

Note: Digital Dialogues holds the right to use this piece of content as authorised by the owner. If you wish to use material from this article for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’ you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. The views expressed in the article are personal.

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