Shackles of Validation

Long long ago, there was a time before social media. Now, we can’t live without it. How have we fared with it?

Only a few of us can recall the times when we used to judge our lives by real-life experiences. Not by our performance on narcissistic social (not-so-social) playgrounds where players judge their self-worth by how much attention they got (their likes and stories).

Through the lens of your eyes, a beach is a beach. With its muddy waters, your funny, oversized shorts, and unshaved legs. A view encompassing all imperfections. All of its beauty.

On your IG feed, however, the shitty hotel room gets cropped. All you see is a sunrise through the window – “Woke up like this!”. The crappy food gets posted. Because of course, no one can really know how it tasted – “Foodie!”. We all see these stories as glorious moments however they are only snippets of the truth. Far away from reality!

The moment you try to capture an experience through the lens of your phone, you’re stealing away the rawness of the moment. By adding filters and good angles, you’re portraying your life in the most glorious way possible.

We’ve started craving perfection, not in our real lives, but in the projections of our lives. We fail to realise that there is a REAL person behind the story, who is as flawed, as lost, and as imperfect as yourself.

Don’t get tied in shackles of approval seeking validation from people who couldn’t care less.

Some of you might shrug your shoulders and laugh off calling me a hypocrite for posting something like this on a social platform. I don’t advocate absolute boycott of such apps. However personally, I would have already bid this adieu if it did not give me a platform to share my writings and connect with strangers who can appreciate my work.

There is nothing wrong with social media and its original intentions of sharing photos and information with our friends. But the problem arises when young people begin to look at these photos and convince themselves that this is what they need to aspire to in order to be beautiful and happy.

Your Social Media feed is an inaccurate representation of real beauty, real happiness and real life.

Relax! You’re not being left out. Your life doesn’t suck. Your self-worth cannot be quantified. Period.

Raj Kalaria

Marketing Management Student

Note: Digital Dialogues holds the right to use this piece of content as authorised by the owner. If you wish to use material from this article for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’ you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. The views expressed in the article are personal.

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