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This 74th Independence Day, Are We Really Free?

This 74th Independence Day, let us ask ourselves a question, are we really free, in the truest sense of freedom, in its entirety, for even 74 seconds?

Ankita Goomer

Management Student, IIM Lucknow

This 74th Independence Day, let us ask ourselves a question, are we really free, in the truest sense of freedom, in its entirety, for even 74 seconds? There are various evils we face in every sphere of our lives.

With Societal Expectations topping the list..

We are always trapped in our minds, caged by a thought process that has been ingrained in us, for generations. We come across many moments in our lives where we really want to do something and that act affects us and only us, but we’re restricted due to the ‘societal expectations’ or with the ‘what would people think’ mentality? 

Followed by deteriorating Economic and Political Conditions..

India is today trapped in a border scuffle when three of its aligning neighbors who want a bigger, unjustified piece of its territory. If that wasn’t enough, the world got hit by the infamous COVID-19, leading to diminishing growth rates predicted to stretch down to FY 21 and an already dwindling economy. While all of us are contained in our houses, apart from the deteriorating economic conditions, this pandemic gave rise to another grave issue.

And when this isn’t enough, we dig deeper..

The pandemic showed us something which we precariously had shut our eyes to. Domestic violence cases have increased drastically, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Why I state it as the tip is because approximately 86% of women don’t even report the violence cases. The onus of loss of income, unavailability of alcohol, and the lockdown was totally on women, right? Maybe that justifies the domestic violence cases which are mostly a result of either male ego or mere frustration; the constant need to prove that men are greater than women, stronger than women- another notion that has been tried to be implanted deep in our heads since the beginning of time.

In 2020, between March 25 and May 31, 1,477 complaints of domestic violence were made by women. This 68-day period recorded more complaints than those received between March and May in the previous 10 years.

We even try to hamper the roots..

The NEP policy, 2020 entered the realm of education finally but I wish it would have emphasized on the importance of Girl education since even today, in some areas of India, the moment a girl is born, parents start thinking about the number of lakhs which they would have to give for their daughter’s marriage, instead of investing that same amount in her education to create a strong, independent INDIVIDUAL.

But its high time now..

The world is changing, and so have to us. I would like to see it evolving towards being independent, not just in books or words, not just on paper, but through the real eyes of people in India. I want to see the change in the mentality of the people of this great democracy and that, starts with one step. Becoming the change we wish to see in the world!

Happy Independence Day, with a hope to soon stand in an India ‘where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’.

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