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When you scroll FB or Instagram today, there are just too many ads. You get tired of seeing them and after a bit, you even ignore them. It can often become difficult to reach the target audience through just digital marketing. So, here are basic insights and execution strategies into one of the most successful marketing methods

In Conversation With – Anupama Tej

COO & Founding Member, Tinystep | Author – From The Ashes She Rose

Bringing in another masterpiece advice by Anupama Tej, we have her insights on how to effectively do Influencer Marketing while simultaneously extracting the most benefits out of it. Whether you are a brand looking for sales or just a page looking to get more followers, partnerships and associations with influencers surely do help.

When you scroll FB or Instagram today, there are just too many ads. You get tired of seeing these ads and after a bit, you even ignore these ads. This doesn’t happen with just you, but with almost everyone. And now especially with our lives being run online, there is digital fatigue that sets in.

For a brand, it becomes difficult to reach the target audience through just digital marketing or showing marketing messaging.

You need to find more ways to reach your audience. A few things I realised at Tinystep were –

  1. Users don’t trust the brands as much as they trust fellow individuals
  2. Consumers are more likely to listen to fellow individual and follow a suggestion/advice over a brand.
  3. Consumers ignore the digital ads shown on social media 

If you want to reach your audience, you need to choose various ways to get your message across to them. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways because

1. Your brand message is shared by an individual – More trust factor

2. It’s not an ad – It’s a personal story/experience/review – More likely to engage

3. It creates conversation – It’s not a random person from the brand promoting their own product; Users can ask any questions without any hesitations

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who has their own following on a platform mainly one of the social media platforms and is considered an expert in some of the topics.

But an influencer just doesn’t mean someone who has more reach and followers on social media. A right influencer is someone who represents your brand message as authentically as possible to his/her followers. 

If I am following an influencer of Instagram to get tips on workouts/yoga/healthy recipes and she posts a message/video about fashion apparel, I might not get influenced by her. But let’s say she posts about some healthy drinks/tea, I would want to give it a try. 

At Tinystep, as we are a mothers community, we were looking for expecting or new mothers who have followers on Facebook or Instagram or Youtube.

How do you find them?

Come up with list of keywords that might be relevant for you. Start searching them. Once you find an influencer, go through her posts and see the other hashtags she is using. So you will increase the keywords list you have and find more influencers.

There is no exact science behind this. But its a trial and error. Once you do some searching, you will know what will work and you can start listing these influencers in a simple excel.

What should be your Influencer Marketing Strategy?

The strategy varies from brand to brand. There is no one strategy that might fit all. But I recommend brands that are just starting off – Reach out to influencers with 5K followers. They might be more approachable, more likely to review your products without commercials and they might have active fans who follow/engage their content regularly. 

At Tinystep, one of the strategies that really worked for us was – engaging with certain influencers throughout the year. If an influencer post about your brand once and forgets about it, you might not get any conversion or engagement. You need to create conversations throughout a year and continue to engage with the audience.

So, lets say you reach out to 20 influencers. You start working with 10 influencers. Once they all post about your brand, observe the conversation, views, engagement (likes, comments, shares) and see whose post is working. Out of these 10 influencers, you might see that 4 influencers posts got a lot of likes or views. (Do engagement to followers) You should try to engage with these influencers regularly.

How much money should I spend on Influencer marketing? 

While there is no one budget that fits all, influencer marketing has changed in last few years and influencers with more followers might have a cost per posts/videos etc. However, reach out to the right influencers and offer them free service or products. Request them to review the product or give you a shoutout on their platform for free.

What’s the ROI you can expect? 

Reach and Engagement – Once you start the campaign, track the reach and engagement of every influencer post 

Clicks or Followers – Measure the number of people visiting your website or your page through these posts

Sales – Measure the number of people buying through these influencers. Share a coupon code specific to their followers and see how much conversions you are getting. For the brands, we worked with we got 1.3x ROI

So these were some tips on one of the hottest marketing strategies in the current times by someone who has been doing it for quite some time now. What other marketing strategies have you seen being followed through individuals? Let us know in the comments below.

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