Education – Have We Been Doing It Right?

With the onset of a new education policy in India by the Education Ministry, one can’t help but remember back those days of schooling, exams and results. Yet, are all those good old days really that blissful? Or have we just not asked the right questions so far?

Raj Kalaria

MBA Student

With the onset of a new education policy in India by the Education Ministry, one can’t help but remember back those days of schooling, exams and results. Often school and college memories are one of the best for most people and they help us realise who we once were. However, those days can often have dark sides too especially, from their method of evaluation.

It is disheartening to see millions of people who feel completely miserable just because they didn’t do well in high school or college. We are made to believe that our brains and intelligence can be tested and graded. Why are we graded exclusively on academics? Why don’t people ever get degrees or mark sheets which include life skills other than academics, art and sports? Why are we never evaluated for the love and empathy we have for others, or how we treat our family, friends and strangers, how well we have our conversations with a stranger, or our creativity and curiosity to learn beyond the walls of our classrooms?

One cannot disagree that subjects like Science, Algebra, History and Literature are noble areas of study and are extremely important for human survival. But life is much more than that. Only if we could have separate columns for love, empathy, relationships and creativity added to our report cards, then could we accurately evaluate the lives we live.

Looking back, it is probably very hard to remember even a single class over the years, where we were taught how to build stronger and healthier relationships, how to manage finances, buy a house, get a loan, raise a child, make a marriage work, talk someone out of suicide, get through depression or figure out what we are supposed to do with our life?

They say that sometimes the most brilliant minds fail at standardized tests, because they don’t have standardized minds.

Personally, I wake up each day with new questions and curiosity to explore and discover something completely new than the day before.

Some days I drown myself into literature and poetry and the next day you’ll find me learning about astrophysics. This is where our system fails. It divides each day into a certain, fixed number of sessions restricted to a certain, fixed amount of time, with a restricted number of textbooks and topics forcing children to study what they are told to study, which makes the process of learning monotonous and boring.

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you don’t fix the flower. You fix the environment. An ideal educational environment should be one where every child has the freedom and liberty to pick up any subject and expand his/her horizons in whichever field they want to. Only then, we can efficiently harness the fruits of the infinity pool of ideas and creativity which are trapped inside each of those tiny, innocent minds.

With modernisation introduced in the New Education Policy, it is being supposed that India will be thrust into a new tomorrow while also giving more options to the students. However, the true merits of it are yet to be seen.

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