How to Create a Social Media Presence (Part-2)

Once you have figured out what you want to say, you now have to figure out how to show that message to your audience in the most engaging way. So here’s how you do it!

In Conversation With – Anupama Tej

COO & Founder, Tinystep | Author, From The Ashes She Rose

The 1st part of this expert piece covered how to understand your audience and exactly what to say to your audience (Click here for Part-1). Now, coming to the biggest question, here’s what Anupama Tej, COO & Founding Member, Tinystep, has to say on figuring out How you can efficiently get your message across. 

How to communicate your message?

Once you have figured out what you want to say, you now have to figure out how to show that message to your audience in the most engaging way. Do you want to post it as a video, blog, creative or stories? The form of content will vary greatly depending on your social media channel. Stories and features like polls work best on Instagram. Videos and carousels work really well on Facebook. Facebook is recommending 3 min videos now.

– Image

Next step is to figure out what kind of images work with your audience. Are posts with some vectors getting traction? At Tinystep, when we started posts with photos that show faces of people, it worked really well compared to a post with some vectors. Mothers were able to connect well when we showed the face of another mother.

– Language 

We need to understand what will work best – Emotional/Funny/Informational etc. This depends on why someone is following your page. Are they here to get information from you? Do you have the credibility to talk about some of the topics? Do they follow you to get some content they care about? Do they follow you because you have the most creative content?

Here’s how you figure it out – How are you acquiring your users? If you are running ads to get page likes, what is the messaging on those ads? Create ads so that only people who really have an interest in your page’s content follow or click. This will ensure that the maximum users who follow you, will engage with you. 

Also, make sure you use simple language. You have 2 seconds to catch your audience’s attention. If I don’t understand your message in 2 seconds, I am not gonna engage with your content. If your audience has to think about some message, they are gonna scroll.

And, promotional posts are not going to work. No matter how much reach you have. You need to be really creative in figuring out how to place your promotional message. Ultimately you would want users to get involved. You have to tell your story, understand user behaviour and subtly & creatively place your links.

You might be wondering – how do I figure out so many things? How do I know what’s right? Here’s what we did – Come up with a hypothesis and turn it into a fact.

Your Hypothesis can be –
1. I think emotional content will work
2. I think our audience will engage with posts with real images not stock images
3. I think this design/colours template will work better with my audience
4. I think posting a funny post at 6pm works

Try making posts in line with your hypotheses. Post emotional content on your page. Next, track how it works through every single data point. Try posting 5 emotional posts across a few weeks and see how it performs. Try with a different image, design, time, weekend/weekday etc. After having enough data, make that into a fact. It should look something like – Emotional posts with real photos will work at 6pm on weekdays.

I used to tell my team, social media is not creativity but science. Data is super important. At Tinystep, we took understanding data very seriously. We did a lot of A/B testing and analysed every minor detail. We knew what kind of post would work at what time. Eg: Post about working mothers will work at 10 pm. Post that talks about a child’s nutrition will work at 4pm. You may not have this from Day 1 but if you keep analysing the data, you will eventually get there.

You need to Understand that data is what will help you build a social media page that can reach millions of users. I recently read something that captures the whole essence of social media expansion – The two most important things are – Story and Spreadsheet. Figure out your story and track your numbers diligently in a spreadsheet. 

Well, here you go with answers to one of the most asked question. We hope you got some much needed insights from this part. While these 2 blogs answer the most frequent questions, we have a few more bonus points coming in Part-3 that are sure to give you an edge. Stay Tuned!

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