How to Create a Social Media Presence (Part-1)

In order to help you get success on social media, we bring to you a Multi-blog series by Anupama Tej, COO & Founding Member, Tinystep. With reaching over 25M Indians weekly on Facebook and getting over 10M monthly views on their website, this parenting and childcare vertical is a success story unto itself.

In Conversation With – Anupama Tej

COO & Founding Member, Tinystep | Author – From The Ashes She Rose

Social Media has become one of the most revered platforms for us to consume content. With so many people starting their own pages, channels, etc. it can become difficult to know just how to go big. In order to help you get success, we bring to you a Multi-blog series by Anupama Tej, COO & Founding Member, Tinystep. With reaching over 25M Indians weekly on Facebook and getting over 10M monthly views on their website, this parenting and childcare vertical is a success story unto itself. So here are some tips & personal experiences from someone who has ‘been there, done that’

How to Understand Your Target Audience?

This goes beyond knowing basic demographics like age group, gender, location. You need to understand what exactly your audience does during their day, what is most important to them, what causes do they support and why, what kind of shows do they watch, what books do they read, where do they spend their time, etc.

This was the key to our success at Tinystep. In my early days, I spoke to 100s of mothers and tried to understand their daily routine, when do they have time to be on social media and why are they on social media. One of the things we did was to go through the social media profiles of some of our most active fans to know what else they are sharing, what pages they are engaging with, what are their interests etc. This will also give you a fair understanding of your possible competitors, if they are engaging with similar organisations.

Another thing would be to do surveys among your friends and online communities to understand their online behaviour. While this might be a tedious task to do, given everything you might be managing, it will help you figure out your brand communication. This takes us to the next important point – Communication.

What do you communicate to your audience?

Discuss and get specifics about your brand messaging and brand beliefs. You might be working on some of the largest and most complicated problems. It might be really difficult to simplify it to a layman. But if your audience doesn’t understand and connect with your belief, you won’t be able to engage with them. 

At Tinystep, we wanted to show mothers that motherhood is messy, difficult and not perfect. But It’s Ok. Everyone is going through the same journey. You are not Alone!

This worked for us because a lot of other pages on social media only shared positive moments about motherhood. No one in India really showed the imperfections of motherhood and reassured mothers that they have nothing to feel guilty about.

So, when thinking of communication, ensure it’s an overlap between your brand belief and what matters to your audience.

We recently did a social campaign with Akshay Patra, an NGO that works for poor children. It was challenging for us to come up with something that would capture mothers attention and make them eventually donate for the cause.

We were able to identify this overlap by appealing to the emotions of a mother. We showed her that just like her child, there are thousands of creative, amazing, loving children who don’t have access to healthy food which, in turn, affects their learning and growth. We were able to raise money to feed 100 children for a whole year in just 15 days. Figuring out a strong, consistent message will help you garner support for any and all types of initiatives while improving your overall social media marketing…

So, this was the first part of our conversation with Anupama. While you start figuring out your audience and your message, we will be back very soon with the next part on exactly how you should communicate, how to increase your engagement and what type of content works in which platform.

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