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Unwinding the Unacademy IPL Ad | Analysis

With the high acceptability of online education channels in the younger demographic, we feel Unacademy has done an excellent job keeping in line with the newly emerging education revolution.

Leadership Talk with Hetal Sonpal

24 year old Hetal was jobless on Campus after Engineering. Though he had plans for further studies, it did hurt having no job and was sure he could find one. This is what got him to Bangalore and into the office of a job consultant. Little did he know that his life would change on meeting a random stranger.

Facebook- Pooja Didi | Ad Analysis

The recent ad film by Facebook is incredible in its own way. While talking about the struggles faced by people during the pandemic, the ad successfully highlights how people have helped each other even in such odd times. And what better could have been the timing for this short film than Diwali itself.


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